Virtual Lessons

In uncertain times music can be a comfort and a much welcomed distraction. Online instrumental lessons provide a focus and an opportunity to create with another musician.

Personally, I have found the move to teaching online much simpler than I expected and my students have made it so worth it. They brighten up my lockdown with their positivity, dedication and music!

What our lessons together could improve:

  • interpretation and performance of pieces
  • awareness of the body, breath support and posture to help find freedom and ease in your playing
  • practice techniques and small changes to see big improvements. Technical issues are often solved by addressing small habits or approaching them differently
  • basic fundamentals – gaining a good technical grounding is the quickest way to be able to play your favourite pieces with a beautiful, flexible tone and musicality
  • new repertoire, exercises and a programme to make sure you enjoy playing and are motivated to keep growing
  • piccolo lessons – I have a wealth of resources and experience to help you transfer your skills over to the piccolo in a mindful and skilful way. Online piccolo lessons can be a separate, focussed addition to your music tuition or part of your flute lessons. Learning the piccolo increases performance opportunities, improves flexibility and tone on the flute, and allows you to explore a whole new instrument!
  • a curriculum unique to you – your goals, ability and motivations for learning
  • preparation for music exams (ABRSM, Trinity or school), auditions, courses, ensembles and competitions

If you’d like to make the move to online lessons for flute, piccolo and music theory of all abilities, or beginner piano – here are a few things you need to know:

  • Zoom (good for sound), Skype (a tried and tested favourite) or FaceTime and a laptop are needed. A laptop with an external mic is optimal but tablets work really well too.
  • Bring the music you are currently working on. If I don’t already have it I will ask you to email a picture ahead of time. I have a huge library of resources and repertoire I can share as we work together. A pencil and notebook are always useful!
  • If you are under 18 I ask that your guardian emails to set up the lesson and stays nearby throughout the lesson. Very young students may need more hands on guidance from family.

What next?
Send a message with any questions or to arrange an initial call to help you make up your mind.

I am offering one free virtual consultation lesson to potential students so you can try out the online set up and see if you want to study with me.

Head to my biography or teaching page to find out more.

online flute lessons: guide to virtual lessons set up and free consultation lesson. What you can learn in an online flute lesson

Published by Jessamy

Forte Flutes began as a collective of tips and resources for musicians and flautists of all abilities. I have combined it with my personal blog and music news. I am a professional flautist, piccolo player and teacher. Please enjoy the blog and feel free to drop me a message.

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