Planning Your Wedding Music

Describing wedding planning as overwhelming is an understatement, and that’s before you even consider the special touches. It is no secret that music is an important part of any celebration. It can

  • set the tone
  • make a moment more poignant
  • evoke memories
  • entertain
  • introduce the celebrations
  • turn quieter ceremony moments such as the registry signing or guests arriving into an event

Where to start?
Consider moments when music could enhance proceedings and create a package to suit, starting from one moment to the whole day.
Good times to consider are points in the ceremony and drink receptions or meals:

  • signing of the register
  • prelude as guests arrive
  • processional
  • recessional
  • reception sets
  • wedding breakfast

What about the cost?
As the costs of weddings increase, it is important to find memorable elements that make a true impact. I love playing weddings for the truly heartfelt and emotional responses to performances. A solo instrumentalist is an easy way to bring the cost down, paying a fraction of the cost of an ensemble or band.
Find someone who is flexible enough to play for the moments that matter to you and will adapt their set list to suit rather than providing only a prescribed package. Often couples opt for just one or two moments, adding a hugely unique element to their wedding for very little – a popular moment is the signing of the registers.

Why the flute?
Forget the sound you might remember from your school days, the flute is a romantic and beautiful melodic instrument. It often surprises guests and can melt the heart of even the most unlikely relatives! The flute can provide classical pieces, traditional wedding music, film music and even cover pop music. It’s a wonderful way to adapt your song into the ceremony. It can make an impact solo, with backing tracks, or as a duet with guitar or another flute.

Make it personal
Ask for your favourite song to be transcribed for flute or take a look at set lists for inspiration

The musicians should have a good idea of the required timings and pieces that work, often pieces can be flexible on the day to ensure they fit the ceremony perfectly. Requesting a style or mood if you are unsure of the piece is another option.

Here is video that provides a whistle stop tour through many of the different styles and moods the flute can provide. It can be solo or with backing track accompaniment.

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