Masterclass Survival Tips

Masterclasses are a fantastic way of gaining performance experience and feedback, however they can be intimidating! 


Here is a little guide to make the most of your first masterclass and go in with confidence:

  1. Choose music that you can play to performance level, unless a work in progress is asked for. Now is not the time to be learning notes!
  2. Remember that everyone is there to learn – no one expects a perfect performance (otherwise there wouldn’t be anything to discuss) and everyone is at a different stage of their flute playing journey
  3. Take a pencil for your music and don’t forget a copy of the piano part
  4. A notepad is useful whether you’re playing or observing – a lot of gems of information could be forgotten by the end of a busy class
  5. Dress comfortably. While few masterclasses are formal affairs, it is important to be smart, relaxed and able to move freely.
  6. Be a good audience for the other players and visiting teacher (even putting away the constant demand of our attention that are phones)
  7. Many good teachers will encourage discussion, however be careful not to argue or come across negatively if you don’t like your feedback. It should all be constructive, not personal!
  8. Even if you’re not playing, if a class focuses on particular rep, take a copy of the music when you can
  9. HAVE FUN. Enjoy the opportunity to perform and push yourself.
    If you manage to do that in front of a room of likeminded flute players, you can do anything.
  10. Sign up for the next opportunity!




Published by Jessamy

Forte Flutes began as a collective of tips and resources for musicians and flautists of all abilities. I have combined it with my personal blog and music news. I am a professional flautist, piccolo player and teacher. Please enjoy the blog and feel free to drop me a message.

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